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Hi, I'm Karen Charles and I've been a swimming teacher for over 40 years, and a water aerobics instructor for over 15 years.  I've been practicing AquaStretch for over 7 years and I've received stellar feedback and repeat custom. I'm passionate about how AquaStretch can help people.  I discovered AquaStretch when I was suffering from debilitating pain myself and was considering giving up being a water aerobics instructor. However, after having had regular treatment I realised the positive effect it could have and loved it so much that I became a qualified AquaStretch Facilitator & Tutor.  As well as providing AquaStretch sessions, I still attend regular sessions myself because it allows me to continue to teach swimming and water aerobics pain-free.  

Karen Charles AquaStretch Facilitator North West London
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Helen Bettridge

The best thing I never knew I needed

Karen is fabulous, and AquaStretch (which I had never heard of before meeting Karen!) has been a revelation to me. I train hard, I didn't "need" rehabilitation from anything and yet this has enabled quicker recovery from stiffness better flexibility so I can lift heavier and stretch further.  I am a Tri-Athlete and often training tightens up my quads and hamstrings.  Nothing sorts it out better.  


The unexpected side effects of also sorting out my pre-menstrual migraines... this has been the best discovery I didn't know I needed!   Thanks so much Karen

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