Dr Aysha Mohammed

“When Karen took me into the pool, pushing and pulling, I was unsure of its efficiency. However, I couldn’t believe how much difference it made. Over the last few years, my hips have become increasingly stiff with reduced range of motion but normal stretches haven’t made any difference. It was reaching the stage that it was starting to affect my walking as I could feel my gait restricted taking big steps. Now I can walk with no restriction, I can climb on and off my bike more easily, in and out of the bath and my secretary thought my sitting posture was good. I even feel easier on the dance floor! Joints are held together by muscle and fascia so theoretically by targeting this you could increase flexibility. Why it works in water, who knows. It would be easy to measure and studies are underway with implications for its use in rehabilitation (where I work). All I know for sure is that it had a big impact on me, with just an inch or so change in hip flexion. The saddest thing is that Karen lives in London and I live in Australia! Thank you, Karen.”

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